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Campus And Hospital

Emergency call solution for campus

Safe campus "one-click" emergency alarm intercom system solution, to promote the development of security information technology in the education industry, the use of integrated communications command technology in campus security management, to achieve smart campus operations.
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School pa system

The school paging system is a pa system integrating emergency voice communication and public broadcasting, specially designed by KNTECH communication experts.
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Emergency call system for hospital

The emergency call system is a button intercom system for nurses between the nurse station and the ward. The whole system is based on the ip protocol, which realizes one-button emergency call intercom and wireless intercom function, and realizes emergency communication between nurses' stations, wards and corridor medical staff.
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School intercom system

The school intercom system provides a complete system of outdoor and indoor emergency communication and broadcasting functions.
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Blue Light System

The blue light system refers to an emergency call help system for use in public places. The emergency dispatching system terminal generally uses an alarm column composed of a blue warning light and a blue alarm column. The blue light system, which uses a blue light, has an obvious warning light at night, giving a safe feeling.
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Hospital intercm system

The hospital intercom system is based on the hospital bed call system construction and use requirements, medical intercom, doctor-patient intercom, ICU visits, public broadcasting, using the internal network to design a set of digital IP network internal intercom system
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