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Subway emergency telephone system

The purpose of the subway emergency response system is that when an emergency occurs in the subway, tourists can seek help from relevant staff in a timely manner. The entire communication system is a complete and independent communication system, and all telephone terminals can be managed and set through ip pbx software.
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Emergency intercom system

The emergency intercom system is an ip call station system specially set up in the subway. The emergency system is a complete set of communication system. The communication system centrally manages the emergency help points of the platform, the waterproof anti-electromagnetic interference telephone in the tunnel, and the walkie-talkie of the subway elevator. The intercom uses the ip pbx system to host all ip walkie-talkies using the ip pbx server.
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Emergency Help Point System

The purpose of the emergency help point system is to allow passengers and staff to seek help in exceptional situations. The entire emergency point-of-care system is designed as a stand-alone communication system that is not part of the other telephone system.
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Access Control system of subway entrance guard

Advance SIP technology TR069 network management system Integrate system of telephone system, intercom system, and public address system Fully redundancy philosophy according to customer requirement High reliability Simplicity of operator Immunity to electromagnetic interference Built-in recording system Interface to control system, CCTV system, radio system, etc. Online continual self-checking and diagnostic
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Metro vehicle emergency intercom system

We can provide you with an IP intercom system for vehicle renovation projects to help passengers seek emergency help while riding the subway.
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